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Stars 2024

Stars is a leadership course for year 12 and 13 students to gain some skills and confidence in leading. We partner with local youth groups to give an internship like experience, where students can learn to utilise the skills they have learnt.

The Year at a Glance

We operate over four block courses during the year. These are designed to give an injection of teaching and adventure, followed by a term learning in their context:

April: 26th to 28th @ New Plymouth

This is a chance to gather and meet everyone it is a stunning venue with Mt Taranaki in the background. We will also plan the activity we will run at Intermediate Camp.

  • Year 1: Our Stories

  • Year 2: Activity Coordination

July: 19th to 21st @ TBC

This is a chance to build on the first-term learning and is normally set in the Wairarapa.  

  • Year 1: Character of a Leader

  • Year 2: Group Facilitation

October: 11th to 13th @ Casey Lodge, Ohakune

This adventure to the snow under Mt Ruapehu. Helps us to solidify and build on the terms learnings and is a great chance to journey deeper with one another.

  • Year 1: Jesus' Leadership Principles

  • Year 2: Mentoring Principles

December: 6th to 8th @ Ngatiawa River Monastery

This is our end-of-year celebration where we look at all we have achieved for the year. We are looking here to tell our story of the year and cement our learnings for the year.

January: 16th - 20th @ New Wine, Wairarapa College

This is a chance to recruit new members and put what we have learned into practice as we serve on the teams at New Wine.


If you are keen to join us on this adventure then please register below or contact Andy Spence:

021 222 6474

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